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2022 Portal Analytics Recap

Transfers had over 165,000 data points collected by AthLinkd last year alone.  This recap looks at every variable tracked by AthLinkd for trends while providing written and visual analysis specified to division.

($1100 VALUE)

Transfer Recruitment Guide

AthLinkd partners did exceedingly well in both the quality and quantity of transfers signed last year.  This brief guide was written by the highest-performing staffs who finished in the top 10 in transfer portal recruitment.

($645 VALUE)

Transfer Relevancy Tool

AthLinkd’s quest to save staffs time and provide more value never ends.  This tool is a useable prototype of a future feature which allows a program to see a transfer’s relevancy based off a multitude of variables.

($515 VALUE)

Program Prestige Directory

There are over 650 collegiate football programs in the NCAA.  Players transfer from every single one.  Partnered with a supercomputing betting company, AthLinkd formulated this directory to help understand where players are coming from.

($170 VALUE)

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our service within the first week, AthLinkd guarantees a 100% refund— no questions asked!

AthLinkd Transfer Portal

July 1, 2022 – October 31, 2022 

Does not include all tracked data such as social media, film, detailed stats, etc.


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