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  • ATI = Athlinkd Transfer Indicator – rating for transfer value
    ATI Rank = Star grade based on ATI
    COMMIT = player’s commitment status (Y = committed, W = withdrawn)
    COMMITTED TO = what school player is committed to (if applicable)
    CONFERENCE = conference of school being transferred from
    DATE = day/year player entered portal
    DAYS = count of days since entering portal
    DETAILS = displays full player info in pop-up
    DIV = division of school being transferred from (P5 = Power 5, G5 = Group of 5)

~ELIG = estimated eligibility (years) remaining
EXP = experience at the division being transferred from
FILM LINK = link to college or high school film
FIRST = first name
FY ENTERED = fiscal year entered
HOMETOWN = hometown
HS RANK = rating out as a high school/JUCO recruit
HS YEAR = high school graduation year
HT = height

ID = AthLinkd Player ID number
LAST = last name
NOTE = any relevant findings on player upon research
PHOTO = picture of player
POS = position
PREVIOUS = if previous school has been attended (YY = multiple non-JUCO)
PREVIOUS SCHOOL = what previous schools attended (if applicable)
ST = state
STATS = collegiate stats by year

TWITTER = player’s Twitter handle (if available)
UNIVERSITY = school being transferred from
WT = weight


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